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Monica: Comic Strip Factory


Have you ever dreamed of making your own stories with Monica´s Gang? Your dream has come true with Monica´s Gang in: Comic Strip Factory!In a simple and intuitive way you can create infinite comic strips and still share them with all your Facebook friends! If what you really like is to read comic strips, we have the "Gallery" where you can find the "Comic Strip of the Day"! Yes, everyday a comic strip that was shared by all users in Facebook is selected by Maurício de Sousa Produções and highlighted in the app for everyone!
You think you have what it takes to make this hall of fame and have your comic strip selected?
There are inumerous options for backgrounds and characters to choose from and also Premium packages with even more possibilities! Every month there will be news!
Being an Adult or child, let your creativity guide you with Monica´s Gang: Comic Strip Factory! Download it now and cheer for the Monica 50th Anniversary celebration! Stay tuned for more!
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